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At the moment in which every man questions himself about his relationship with the world and the nature, the Nomad Spirit exhibition invites us to reflect upon the values of nomadic people such as the Wodaabes and Tuaregs of Sahara, the Mongols and Kazakhs of Asian steppes or the Siberian Nenets and Dolgans.
Presented as one entity, the nomad shepherds give us an extraordinary answer to our time uneasiness: the example of a life based on balance with ecosystems and harmony with nature and other living beings.
This exhibition deals with the nomadism emphasizing the nomad shepherds’ unique way of life, which ­ beyond cultural appearances ­ is based on a common spirit and on common values.
The Nomad Spirit exhibition talks about man and his values, about his deep link with Earth and Nature.
It is a journey in the pursuit of a more authentic human dimension among the nomads who are the guardians of behaviours and values that are the basis of the human being and from which we might draw out inspiration for a new way to consider our relationship with the Other and Nature.
Earth, Nature and Environment, Humanity, Values are the core themes of this exhibition. Other themes are: the environment conservation, the resources sustainable use, the biodiversity, the mobility, and of course, the nomads’ integration in the modernity and the importance of passing on the heritage of traditional knowledge and values such as respect, share, reciprocal aid and solidarity, which are the basis of human relationships.
The result of a long-term work that for more than 25 years has taken the Baldizzones into the nomads’ territories, this exhibition is an invitation:
- to become conscious that nomadic people who thanks to their traditional knowledge have been surviving for ages in harsh environments, could prove to be precious allies to modern man in the preservation and conservation of environment and
- to reflect on a new way to consider and approach the world.
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